Investigation Services

The team at Artacs Investigation Services conducts investigations in a range of circumstances for any industry. We understand that every organisation is different and the challenges facing each client vary.

All investigations undertaken are tailored to the specific needs and requirements of our clients. The diverse backgrounds of our investigations team allows us to place the most knowledgeable and skilled personnel on each case.

While our core investigative services include general investigations, as well as investigations into internal theft and fraud, insurance claims, forensic documents examination and civil claims arising from business operations we can undertake nearly any investigation.

Our typical services are outlined in more detail below. If your requirements fall outside this scope please feel free to contact one of our  Consultants to discuss your particular needs.

General Investigations

Artacs Investigation Services is committed to providing ethical and consistent, results based investigative services. We only employ experienced investigators and security consultants of the highest quality.

Our general investigation services include motor vehicle theft, arson, break and enter, stealing, staged accidents, malicious damage, equipment theft, household theft and travel claims.

Artacs Investigation Services can undertake a range of other, more demanding investigations including undercover operations, surveillance cases and criminal and corruption investigations.

Internal Theft and Fraud Investigations

Artacs Investigation Services are leaders in the investigation of internal theft and fraud within corporate Australia. Our team of experienced investigators conduct audits where theft and/or fraud is believed to have occurred, and investigate any adverse events identified.

Typical areas of investigation include:

  • Point of sale operations
  • Cash handling operations
  • Cash holding areas including safes
  • Stock storage areas
  • Collusion between staff
  • Collusion between staff and third parties
  • External contractors supplying your organisation

Insurance Investigations

Insurance related investigations are  highly specific and require highly trained staff. Artacs Investigation Services have developed an enviable reputation for their work investigating insurance related claims, both for insurance companies and claimants.

Our services for the insurance industry include:

  • Workers compensation & public liability factual investigations
  • Investigating compulsory third party motor vehicle injury claims
  • Investigation into workers compensation claims
  • Income protection and disability claims investigations
  • Investigation into public liability and product liability claims, Intellectual property theft, personal injury liability claims and discrimination issues

Civil Claims Arising From Business Operations

Artacs Investigation Services can assist you with any civil claims made against your business. We offer a full and comprehensive investigation service to brief of evidence stage for any civil incident that may be presented.

For example:

  • Sexual harassment
  • Public liability issues
  • Workplace assaults
  • Workers compensation claims
  • General insurance claims
  • Product liability
  • Pre-liability investigations

Our already established relationships with many of Australia’s leading insurers means Artacs Investigation Services can effectively represent you in a civil claim to ensure the minimisation of your risk.