IT Solutions

The Importance Of Regular Maintenance

As with any complex system, regular maintenance and support is an essential part of modern IT environments. Not sure what is considered regular maintenance and support? Please refer to the following list items which describes some of the basics functions:

  • Applying security patches and software updates to server and client operating systems to mitigate exposure to security breaches.
  • Performing anti-virus software updates for server and workstations.
  • Reviewing anti-virus system scan reports for server and workstations.
  • Capacity management including the review of system performance, CPU and memory utilization indicators, disk space availability as well as backup system capacity.
  • Ensure that an appropriate backup regime is in place and working correctly. Backup systems are not something you set and forget…
  • Reviewing server backup logs and investigating any failures. Data being backed up on most modern systems changes daily and as such needs to be monitored to ensure that it is still operating correctly.
  • Answering any general IT queries from staff to ensure that small issues are resolved before they escalate.

Please contact Artacs IT Solutions to find out more about our regular support and maintenance plans.